STAVRscoop Stainless Steel SAND SCOOP, for Beach and Watter Metal Detecting Hunting

About Us

My name is Ruslan Stavniychuk but is better known as Stavr , I live and work in Odessa, Ukraine

I’m an old treasure hunter and having Minelab detectors since 2001, I had a problem finding it on the beach (there simply weren’t any good scoops for the beach, or awkward scoop and expensive to deliver to send to Europe from the USA :)  )

So, having the skills to detect and experience in the production of stainless steel and titanium, in 2008 I made a scoop for myself and in 2009 I began to produce more than 5 models of a scoop for beach hunting and in water under the brand "Stavr Scoop" .

Over the years, my experience and user reviews have formed a number of excellent models that are now available for your order.

I have long persuaded that the Stavr scoop hemispherical construction with struts is better than that of other manufacturers (now my ideas are used and copied by 90% of other manufacturers).

I was the first to use hex holes in the scoop! (now 90% of other manufacturers use and copy my ideas).

I first I applied to a stainless steel scoop was a comfortable angle of 65 degrees (62-70)

Target receiver with angles less than 70 degrees.

Traps for chains on a scoop & rake.

Sand breaker on the scoop .... etc.